Who we are

We are a dedicated group of leadership professionals. With experience, insight and understanding, we guide you in the development of your personal, team and organisational leadership. We present a unique way of thinking, of approaching and performing the major tasks in your life and as a result, in realising your ultimate Purpose and understanding the deepest truths of your heart.

Why Work With Us

The Meaning Leadership Institute guides you on the path towards satisfaction in your personal and professional life. Our methods and approaches are unique, based on a mixture of learning of ancientscriptures and a modern understanding of human psychology. This results in journey of personal understanding and realisation that you will have experienced before. You will be set free from the standards and expectations of the existing status quo to truly develop your own purpose, beliefs and self. With our help you will find and pursue a point of equilibrium where your personal beliefs feed and motivate your deepest professional goals. The Meaning Leadership Institute sets you free to pursue and attain what you genuinely want in every aspect of your life

Our Approach

The Meaning Leadership Institute has over 20 years of experience in training and coaching individuals, teams and organisations. We believe it is our responsibility to help you abandon the elements of your life that stand in the way of your success, happiness and satisfaction. We help you ask and answer questions that many people seem to have forgotten about or have fallen into the habit of overlooking:

What do I really like?
How do I recognise it and change my life to allow me to live it?
In which situations do I flourish?
How can I make these situations a larger part of my life?

Your answers to these questions help put you on the path to self-improvement by helping you connect with your inner-spirituality, your emotional intelligence, your purpose in life. This enables you to develop autonomous engagement with your tasks and the world around you, allowing you to master yourself and take control of your life.Our approach leads you to define and embrace a deeper, more satisfying and enriching life.