Do you ever have the feeling there’s something missing?
Have you become the person you thought you would always be?
Would you like to be more motivated?
Is it time for you to change your life?
The Meaning Leadership Institute offers the 24 hours of Meaning workshop to help you connect with yourself and your purpose. You journey into the five elements – Spirituality, Emotional Intelligence, Purpose, Autonomy and Mastery – that will help you understand exactly who you are, what you are doing and where you are going. This fast-paced, enjoyable and insightful experience runs across two days and the night in between at suitable locations in the Netherlands, France, India and around the world. It gives you a firm foundation in examining and knowing your true self. It is the perfect start for anyone who knows and wants to do better in their lives, but isn’t sure exactly how to start. Contact us for further details and take the first step towards changing your life.