The Meaning Leadership compass is used to guide you in understanding which elements of your life needs to be addressed.
• ‘Spirituality’ is the state in which you are able to examine your current place in your life, whether it satisfies you, whether you believe you are following your true Purpose.
• The ‘Emotional’ is your ability to understand your emotions. Do you feel as if you lose control of your feelings when faced with difficult circumstances? Are you able to understand and empathise with the experiences of others?
• ‘Autonomy’ is your ability to find self-motivation in the tasks you commit yourself to. Are you driven to perform them because of the feelings of enjoyment and satisfaction they give you? Or are you driven by a reward that doesn’t really matter to you?
• ‘Mastery’ occurs when you are at peace with your world, with yourself and with the path you are following.

These elements are all interrelated. Understanding your place in the world helps you understand the emotional needs of others, just as mastering your life means having the autonomy to lose yourself in the tasks that make up your purpose in life.

The influences on these elements can be divided into four different groups.
• Planet: As a major part of your environment, it is vital that you understand the importance of the planet in your life.
• People: The people you work with. The people you see on the train every morning. The cashier at the supermarket. Friends. And your family. They all have an impact on your world. But how do you impact theirs? You’ll know when you understand them, their emotions and their Purposes. You’ll assist them on their journeys.
• Purpose: Why are you here? What do you want to do? What are you good at? What do you enjoy? We often forget to ask ourselves these questions. This makes it easy to end up trapped in circumstances we don’t want to be in, performing tasks that don’t interest us and becoming people who have nothing to do with who we truly are. Pursuing your true Purpose will ensure Autonomy, higher levels of Performance. Realising your Purpose will bring you to Mastery and the knowledge you are the person you always promised to be.
• Performance: The standard at which you work. There is a reason if you don’t feel inspired to perform a task. And there is a reason when you are determined to perform at your highest standards. Recognising your ability to perform certain tasks guides you towards your Purpose while giving you insight into your emotions and your true self. Your high levels of performance teach you to fulfil the promise you know is within you.